Website design with simplicity & elegance

bhc works with you to design and implement a simple and elegant website. We capture the feel and content of the message you wish to convey to your local or global audience. Each element of your website, from text to photos, slideshows and films, events calendar or blog, provides an integral part of your website. bhc works with you to choose just the elements you need, maintaining a clean and elegant look. We will also maximise your site with SEO to ensure that people find you through internet search engines (Google).

Maximum impact and exposure

bhc has been working on website design since the inception of the internet. We look forward to working with you to set up a fabulous website. Contact bhc and we’ll sit down together, either on location (we’re currently in Brussels), or with Zoom or Skype. Collaborating on a new website can be great fun as well as a wonderful challenge. Refine your message with bhc and gain maximum exposure with a beautiful and inspiring new website.
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Our premier website, is a large site featuring multiple elements including: photo slide shows, blog, info request forms, updatable events calendar, video, booking forms, and more. is a collaboration with a master and teacher of ikebana (japanese flower arranging), tea ceremony and meditation. The simple and elegant website beautifully mixes content and design for maximum impact. The site is bi-lingual. is an Italian website dedicated to offering retreats in Umbria. It features a clean and straightforward page design. It includes accordion drop-down text, alternating photo grids, and pages in Italian and English.

“In working on my website, Brian Hilliard took exceptional care in listening to what I wanted. He then went on to create not only a beautiful and simple tool, but a totally unique visual atmosphere, translating perfectly my view and ideas.”
- Jozef P., Tenku-an

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